Areas of Practice

Debt Defense and Settlement  
The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic, P.A. handles numerous areas of debt defense law.  Whether you are being contacted for a debt you owe and want to settle it or if you are being harassed by a debt collection company my office can help!  Don’t be harassed or pushed around by collection companies or their attorneys.  My office aggressively fights collection companies to get you the best result possible!  Call my office now for a free consultation! (786) 529- 2176.

Debt Harassment
Are you being harassed for a debt?  Debt collectors calling you for a debt you feel you don’t owe?  Phone calls won’t stop?  My office can fight for your rights.  We can put a stop to unwanted phone calls from debt collectors and their attorneys/  My office represents individuals who have been sued or are being harassed for a Miami or Broward county debt.  Call my office for a free consultation at (786)529-2176.

Traffic Ticket Defense
If you have received a traffic citation, you should immediately contact a traffic ticket attorney.  Paying the fine for a traffic citation is also pleading guilty to the ticket and, in most cases, will lead to points being assessed on your license! So, not only do you have to pay the fine but your insurance rates may also increase for the next five years!  My office aggressively fights traffic tickets, to ensure your costs are as low as possible.  Call The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic, P.A. at (786)529-2176 to learn about our no points or no charge guarantee!

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