Many Credit Card Lawsuits Lack Necessary Documents To Win At Trial

The same problems which resulted in multi-billion dollar settlements by the big banks in foreclosure lawsuits are now emerging in credit card lawsuits.  Robo-signing has become a large part of the credit card lawsuit practice resulting in the Plaintiffs filing flawed lawsuits and lacking the necessary documentation to bring a case to trial. A judge in New York recently stated that 90% of all credit card lawsuits are flawed.  

Unfortunately,  in many of these cases the Defendants don’t contact an attorney and either attempt to fight it themselves or do nothing resulting in a default judgment against them.   If the collection agency/ credit card company lacks all the documentation needed, the lawsuit may be dismissed. 

Many law firms provide free consultations for new clients which may shed light on your specific case.  If you have been sued for credit card debt feel free to contact my offices at (786) 529-2176. 

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